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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Syark Air Force (SAF) - 1/72 Witty Wings US Navy F/A 18E Superhornet, VFA 195 Dambusters Squadron, USS George Washington

1/72 Witty Wings US Navy F/A 18E Superhornet, VFA 195 Dambusters Squadron, USS George Washington

Witty Wings Superhornet Fleet still in my wishlist to complete this year, Another variant F/A 18E Superhornet from VFA 195 Dambusters Squadron in USS George Washington. Another success mission collected Variable Fighter that has been served in VFA 195 Squadron. VFA 195 started operate Superhornet F/A 18E in late 2010 without their legacy Hornet. 

Dambusters Squadron is the most squadron that I admire to collect their variant fighter plane due to Marking Eagle Chippy Ho in their Hornet Tail.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Syark Air Force (SAF) - 1/72 Witty WIngs US Navy F/A 18E SuperHornet, VFA 81 Sunliners Squadron

1/72 Witty WIngs US Navy F/A 18E SuperHornet, VFA 81 Sunliners Squadron

Good Days everybody, today post related to another superhornet aircraft in my collection. Witty Wings already closed up or bankrupt on what I see in many diecast forum. Through this year, I'm focused buy many as possible witty wings aircraft because want to avoid the price hike in the future to any witty wings aircraft that I wish to buy. New Superhornet Squadron in my inventory as named as VFA 81 Sunliners Squadron F/A 18E. With this Superbugs, I'm already completed my mission on collected all variant Hornet Aircraft in VFA 81 Sunliners Squadron.

In 2000 and 2002 VFA-81 made two deployments aboard USS George Washington to the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. In 2004 VFA-81 made a single deployment aboard the USS John F. Kennedy. In 2007 VFA-81 was reassigned to CVW-11 in the Pacific Fleet and deployed aboard USS Nimitz to the Western Pacific and the Persian Gulf. Its last deployment ended on June 3, 2008, and the squadron began transition training from the F/A-18C Hornet to the F/A-18E Super Hornet. In 2011, the squadron was embarked with Carrier Air Wing 17 for a Western Pacific and Persian Gulf deployment aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). In 2012, the squadron completed a surge deployment with Carrier Air Wing 17 aboard the USS Carl Vinson.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Syark Air Forces (SAF) - 1/72 HobbyMaster USAF F4G Phantom II Wild Weasel, 37TH TFW,1980

1/72 HobbyMaster USAF F4G Phantom II Wild Weasel, 37TH TFW,1980

The new variant F4 Phantom II in F4G Wild Weasel as known as advanced phantom II in USAF Fleet. Thanks a lot to Hobby Master. My feedback about this model is marvelous and most well finishing regarding provided multiple missile and ordnance related to Wild Weasel Aircraft.  

Wild Weasel is a code name given by the United States Armed Forces, specifically the US Air Force, to an aircraft, of any type, equipped with radar-seeking missiles and tasked with destroying the radars and SAM installations of enemy air defense systems.

Wild Weasel tactics and techniques began their developmment in 1965 following the commencement of Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam War, and were later adapted by other nations during following conflicts, as well as being integrated into the Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) a plan used by US air forces to establish immediate air control, prior to possible full scale conflict.

This modification consisted of removing the gun and replacing it with the APR-38(t) Radar Homing and Warning Receiver (later upgraded to the APR-47), and a cockpit upgrade for the back seat to manage the electronic combat environment. A total of 134 F-4G models were converted from F-4Es with the first one flying in 1975. Squadron service began in 1978.

F-4Gs were deployed to three active wings. One was stationed at George AFB, Victorville, California. as part of the Rapid Deployment Force; one wing was assigned to USAFE (US Air Forces Europe) at Spangdahlem AB, Germany; and the other to PACAF (Pacific Air Forces) at Clark AFB, Philippines. F-4Gs from George AFB and Spangdahlem AB saw combat during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, successfully protecting strike packages from enemy air defenses. During this conflict the F-4G saw heavy use, with only a single loss: an aircraft from Spangdahlem AB crashed in Saudi Arabia while returning from a mission. After an investigation into the loss of the aircraft which occurred during several aborted landing attempts in a sandstorm, it was determined that a fuel cell was punctured by anti-aircraft fire. The pilot and EWO safely ejected after the engines shut down when the aircraft ran out of fuel attempting to land at a forward airstrip.

After Desert Storm, some of the George AFB aircraft were assigned to the 124th Wing of the Air National Guard at Boise, Idaho, 190th Fighter Squadron. Aircraft from Spangdahlem, Clark, and the remainder from George were assigned to the 57th Fighter Wing (Active AF) assigned to Nellis AFB at Las Vegas, 561st Fighter Squadron. The aircraft remained in service until 1996, with both squadrons participating in frequent deployments to Saudi Arabia and Turkey in support of Operation Provide Comfort, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Vigilant Warrior enforcing the no-fly zones over Iraq. By this time the F-4G was the last operational variant of the Phantom II in the US forces. Many of the airframes were later used as target drones and Aircraft Battle Damage Repair training aids.

Syark Air Forces (SAF) - 1/72 Tamiya Belgian Air Force (BAF) F16A Fighting Falcon, 31 Sqd

1/72 Tamiya Belgian Air Force (BAF) F16A Fighting Falcon, 31 Sqd

First posting in November Rain Season guys, new scaled model from Tamiya Brand F16A Fighting Falcon from Belgian Air Force (BAF). BAF started used and build F16A under licensed around 160 nos as part of modernization of BAF fighter aircraft, BAF F16A has been served under NATO Intervene Conflict around the world especially in Kosovo Conflict.

From August 2008, four F-16s will be deployed to Kandahar in Afghanistan in support of the Dutch land forces. In March 2011, Belgium deployed six F-16 Fighters to Araxos in Greece, in support of operation: Odyssey Dawn, to support the NATO operations over Libya. the aircraft were already at the base as part of a joint exercise and were transferred to NATO command. as of June 2011, the aircraft have flown over 1000 hours over Libya and attacked various military installations and targets.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Syark Air Force (SAF) - 1/72 Witty Wings RSAF F16C Fighting Falcon

1/72 Witty Wings RSAF F16C Fighting Falcon

My mission to collect all RSAF Aircraft Fleet from Witty Wings Brand already success when another F16C Fighting Falcon safely landed in my home yesterday. RSAF F16C is the dedicated interceptor RSAF to any aircraft intruder. Most of Malaysian and me also stated that RSAF F16C is the reason why RMAF equipped the first russian aircraft MIG29N. 

The backbone of the RSAF is formed by the Block 52/52+ F-16 Fighting Falcons. These are armed with US-supplied AIM-120C AMRAAM missiles and LANTIRN targeting pods, laser guided munitions and conformal fuel tanks for long-range strike.

While Singapore initially bought as many as 70 F-16 planes, on 18 November 2004, it was announced that the RSAF would offer its remaining 7 F-16A/B's to the Royal Thai Air Force. It is believed that these early Block 15OCU aircraft were upgraded to "Falcon One" standard by ST Aerospace before the transfer and delivered in late 2005. In return, the RSAF was permitted to train at the Udon Royal Thai Air Force Base in north-east Thailand for a specified number of days each year. This would mean that the RSAF will operate only the Block 52/52+ model, as many as 62 F-16CJ/DJ planes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Syark Air Force (SAF) - 1/72 Witty Wings RSAF F16D Fighting Falcon 425th Fighter Squadron, Luke Airbase

1/72 Witty Wings RSAF F16D Fighting Falcon 425th Fighter  Squadron, Luke Airbase

This scaled model landed in my base due to my birthday in 17 October 2014. Most like as birthday gift right?. Thanks to my friend because he willing to let go this model as my personal mission to collect RSAF aircraft. Long time ago, I'm not interested to collect the RSAF fleet but after I got my RSAF F15 Eagle SG. I'm need to do some major effort to complete my personal collection on all RSAF Fighter Aircraft that has been made only from Witty Wings Brand only.

This scaled model F16D is based on RSAF F16D Fighting Falcon from 425th Fighter Squadron from Luke Airbase. This F16D stationed in Luke Airbase as trainer fighter to RSAF pilot and maintenance crew due to advanced weapons and tactics continuation program.