"Jika kejahatan di balas kejahatan, maka itu adalah dendam. Jika kebaikan dibalas kebaikan itu adalah perkara biasa. Jika kebaikan dibalas kejahatan, itu adalah zalim. Tapi jika kejahatan dibalas kebaikan, itu adalah mulia dan terpuji."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 Crash Tragedy 8 Mac 2014 Part 8 38th Day SAR

Thanks to My Buddy IkanSadin coverage in Lumut Base due to BM6 Mission to SAR MH370 in South Hindia Ocean. 

April 16th 2014 - At 0845H this morning, the Royal Malaysian Navy auxiliary vessel Bunga Mas 6 departed from operation jetty in Pangkalan TLDM Lumut, Perak.

Deployment of Bunga Mas 6 form as part of the search and rescue effort to find the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean southern corridor as logistic support vessel,joining 6 other Royal Malaysian Navy vessels, together with multinational forces in the ocean region.

The merchant container vessel turned auxiliary vessel owned by MISC Berhad previously engaged in OP FAJAR protecting Malaysian flagged merchant vessel against the threat of Somali pirate in the Gulf Of Aden, and later on formed as part of radar picket and blockading force in the aftermath of Lahad Datu incident, protecting territorial waters off Sabah East Coast.

In his speech Laksamana Madya Dato Mohammad Roslan mentioned Bunga Mas 6 will make a stop over in Singapore before proceeding to the Southern Corridor to provide logistic support to the current multinational naval forces engage in search and rescue effort totalling 18 ships from Malaysia, Australia, the People Republic of China, United Kingdom and United States along with 19 aircraft.

Bunga Mas 6 will provide logistic support to other vessel in the area and will aslo formed as part of the search and rescue effort.

He stressed that the crew should at all times uphold safety, discipline and pride in their duties as this is a task of a global proportion that caught the attention of worldwide media.

In an interview with the media, deployment of Bunga Mas 6 are in line with the HANRUH policy where national shipping line MISC Berhad together with the Royal Malaysian Navy get their sources together in this effort. He also mentioned that Bunga Mas 6 is expected to arrive in the Southern Corridor on April 25th 2014.

Bunga Mas 6 is crewed by Naval Reserve personnel whom also employee of MISC Berhad, commandeered by Commander Kuharaj Jayaraj, along with 2 medical officer and staff forming the Medical Team from the Army.

Bunga Mas 6 or BM6 was part of Mas class container vessel owned by MISC Berhad which was converted in MMHE (Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering) to fulfill the naval forces requirement to have a surface platform capable of long range and long endurance capabilities suitable for high seas, open ocean operation such as merchant escort operation during the height of Somali pirate threats in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

The said capabilities is also suitable for operations such as search and rescue where it could stay in the search area much longer than warships..

Currently, her sistership Bunga Mas 5 is in the Gulf of Aden engage in OPS FAJAR.


Well Forward BM6

14th Defence Services Asia 2014 - USMC UH 1Y Venom Huey

USMC UH 1Y Venom Huey

Most attractive things that drag me to DSA 2014 is about presence of USMC Huey UH1Y Venom from  Bell Company in PWTC Parade. I very shock and feel marvelous about this utility and attacker Helicopter from USMC. I heard that US through Bell Helicopter Company wanted to lobby this helicopter and AH1Z Viper Cobra to Malaysia Army due to proposal established of Malaysia Royal Marine. Royal Marine Malaysia that I heard from some Army Officer will followed a USMC Doctrine. As we know, Malaysia always has limited defense budget because our citizen always want think about their comfort always.

UH 1Y Venom Huey is The legendary Bell UH made better, that's the Bell UH-1Y. It has all the effectiveness, safety and reliability of the original UH. Like its predecessor it operates in the most extreme environments, from Arctic cold to desert heat. But the UH-1Y is an upgrade from the legend. Bell Helicopter has incorporated the latest aerospace technology into the UH-1Y, outfitting it with airframe improvements, twin General Electric T700 engines, an ultramodern glass cockpit and many more advanced systems. The original Bell UH set a very high standard. The Bell UH-1Y sets that standard even higher.

UH1Y Huey Venom most bigger size from the legendary UH 1A Huey in Vietnam War.

One of My Buddy Akmal inside the Huey Venom Cargo that can occupied 8 Marines

Huey UH 1Y Venom form Scarface Squadron

Huey Twim Engine more powerful and reliable from UH 1A Huey

Flare Chaff for Anti Air Missile 

Me and Akmal on the moment with USMC Huey Venom Air Crew Man

Me and Akmal has been debriefed about the mighty Huey UH1Y Venom. Yes a lot of question has been asked to this pilot and he always been patient and get ready to answer our question hahahaha.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

14th Defence Services Asia 2014 - AV8 and AV6

Malaysia DEFTECH already showed off New Variant 30mm Denel Gun AV8 after 25mm Sharpshooter Bushmaster AV8 displayed on last year in Army Parade in Port Dickson. New AV8 30mm are different based armor which this AV8 is not been installed with  bouyancy characteristic other than AV8 25mm Bushmaster.

AV8 25mm Sharpshooter Bushmaster

AV8 30mm Denel Armour

Deftech offered proposal to Malaysia Army new AV6 as a supply assest to Malaysia Batalion in UN Peace keeper Mission in Lubnan. I'm have a chance to enjoyed stay inside AV6 and tested certain part of AV6 especially RCWS remote joystick.

New Assets for Malaysia Royal Police Special Forces (UTK)

Another Armour Vehicle Displayed in DSA 2014

14th Defence Services Asia 2014 - Weapon Presentation Around Exhibition

14th DSA 2014 officially close today after 4 day exhibition in Putra World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur. This post I'm shared various weapon such as gun or rifle that has display during the exhibition.





FN Minimi Mark 3 Mesingun 7.62x51mm Nato

FN SCAR H Long Barrel 7.62x 51mm Nato caliber 

FN SCAR H Short Barre; 5.56X45mm Nato caliber 

FN SCAR Precision Rifle 7.62mm Caliber Nato 

FN 40MM Grenade Launcher 

CZ P07 

C7 Scorpion EVO 3 A1

The Crazy M16 Attachment. So Heavy lol hahahaha