Malaysia Royal Police Special Force Armour Personal Carrier MRAP Typhoon

Malaysia UTK PDRM with new carbine Ferfrans Sub Compact Weapon 5.56 (SCW) with special marking of UTK Logo

New PDRM Assets Streit  Armour Personal Carrier MRAP Typhoon 

Malaysia Police Special Forces (UTK) demonstrated Typhoon and Barret 82 MG52 BMG Sniper Rifle. What the mess and deadly weapon from PDRM

On the Macrh 2014 through on 207th Anniversary of Malaysia Royal Police (PDRM), UTK showed off their new assets to the public. A MRAP Typhoon is new MRAP vehicle has been offered by Streit Company to PDRM. MRAP is multi-purpose armoured personnel carrier in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) designed and manufactured by the Company Streit Group. Highly manoeuvrable, with 60% gradient and 30% side slope capabilities as well as a high ground clearance of up to 920mm, the Typhoon is equally at home in urban, mountainous and challenging rural terrains and has excellent field reparability. With the capacity to carry up to 12 personnel plus equipment, the Typhoon can be configured for a wide range of missions, including Command and Control, EOD, Patrol, Convoy Support, Forward Observation, Reconnaissance and MedEvac.

MRAP Typhoon has been purchased by Malaysia Police due to Wake Up Call in Lahad Datu regarding Sulu Invasion Incident that concluded to Operation Daulat March 2013. The announcement for the new MRAP has been proposed during GPEC 2013 and it become reality when the first Typhoon has arrived and tested in Malaysia Road on January 2014 and become officially due to 207th Anniversary Royal Police in Pulapol, Kuala Lumpur.

I hope this MRAP Typhoon become the beginning era of APC in Malaysia. Become most common thing and foundation to police and especially to Malaysia Army to get as long as they can to this kind MRAP. Total nos of MRAP Typhoon in UTK Inventory is 6 MRAP Typhoon. 

Credit Picture : N.S Image and PDRM

The Blueprint of MRAP Typhoon

The Head CPPTS with UTK Typhoon Squad Team

New Tactical Team STAFOC PDRM specialize in Counter Heavy Crime Activites

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