Syark Air Force (SAF) - 1/72 Hobby Master US Navy F14A Tomcat VF 84 "Jolly Rogers Sqd" 1977

1/72 Hobby Master US Navy F14A Tomcat VF 84 "Jolly Rogers Sqd" 1977

My First Collection on Hobby Master F14 Tomcat series. The Jolly Rogers Squadron always be my favorite squadron to collect especially when the fighter aircraft from this squadron are F14 or F18. I'm already got my first F14A Jolly Rogers from Witty Wings and right now I will continue the series from HM Brand in the future. Due to limited financial budget, I can't affordable myself to buy JR F14A from Century Wings Brand hehehehe.

Here I like to shared the history of this Tomcat in Jolly Rogers Squadron. From 1970 to 1975, VF-84 was assigned to Carrier Air Wing Six aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) for four deployments to the Mediterranean Sea. Roosevelt's twenty-first Sixth Fleet deployment was marked by indirect participation in the October 1973 Yom Kippur War, as she served as a transit "landing field" for aircraft being delivered to Israel. The Roosevelt battlegroup, Task Force 60.2, also stood by for possible evacuation contingencies. Planes of VF-84 (temporarily assigned to VF-41 for the 1973-74 cruise and operating with VF-41 markings) escorted US transport planes to within 150 miles of Israel during Operation Nickel Grass, the resupply of Israel.

After its transition to the F-14 was completed, the squadron embarked on its first cruise on Nimitz in December 1977. In 1979 the unit was the first TARPS capable squadron of the fleet. In 1980 it participated in the motion picture The Final Countdown which propelled the skull-and-crossbones-adorned F-14's to international stardom. The movie featured a memorable scene involving two VF-84 Tomcats engaging two Japanese A6M Zeros

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