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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Welcome Aboard Second RMAF A400M M54-02

Welcome Aboard Second RMAF A400M M54-02

Its not to late to say Happy New Year to all my followers and cross by reader in my Blog site, My blog already 5 years for this year and I'm hope I'm already do my part as human being share another information and my collection in scaled military model to all the worlds.

Today entry, I'm would to share another upcoming assets from RMAF A400M from AIRBUS. This aircraft is the second batch and RMAF still waiting another last 2 batch of this aircraft by this year to complete the order from Airbus. The A400M has been operated by the 22th Flying Squadron based in new hangar and facilities at Subang Airbase.

Our Military Mobility Airlift has been upgraded to some level of modernization due the arrival of this Airlift. My hope in the future RMAF can add up more this Airlift to keep up our mobility during operation.

credit : Tukang Gambar