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Saturday, December 6, 2014

First Delivery 12th New Armor Vehicle AV8 "Gempita" to Malaysia Army

First AV8 GEMPITA IFV 25mm Caliber Cannon

Production Line AV8 Gempita in Deftech Industry Factory

First Delivery 12th New Armor Vehicle AV8 "Gempita" to Malaysia Army 

Today another history event stated in Malaysia Defense Industry when Malaysia Army has been received first 12th nos Armor Vehicle AV8 from Prime Minister to Malaysia Army in Deftech Factory in Pekan Pahang. After year by years and testing over testing that drag the delay this delivery. 6th December 2014 is become most significant date to improve our mobility and security by used our AV8 in new era of combat warfare.

So far, as we know that are other variant of AV8 has been produced locally in Pekan,Pahang. Refer on the last picture, We can see our Gempita AV8 equipped with 30mm Denel cannon with Ingwe Anti Tank Missile.

AV8 Variant Proposal

credit:Panggilan Pertiwi,Rafe Rahmat , Perajurit , Markas ATM

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