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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - Diorama Iraqi Invasion US Army

Diorama Iraqi Invasion US Army

One of my ambition when I'm started become collector. Owned some epic diorama on any of my scaled model that I'm bought last 5 years. Now days, I found one of my friend and his expertise in diorama build up is tremendous and well finished up displayed. This diorama, I would share to audience about The Fog of War in Iraq. When one of Military Police Humvee has been ambushed by IED in highway road in Iraq. M977 HMETT with US Army with Delta Force escort by Humvee M1151 tried to recover this damage humvee back to base. The best Diorama that I ever has in my life. What is important is, this diorama is custom made and just displayed by me alone. Thank You Opie Harris and Lee Wui Chong :D