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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Syark Airforce (SAF) - 1/72 Witty Wings USAF F15C Aggressor 57th Wg 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB NV

1/72 Witty Wings USAF F15C Aggressor 57th Wg 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB NV

Just Upload and share with u guys :)

Syark Air Forces (SAF) - 1/72 USAF F15E Strike Eagle 58th TFTW, 550th TFTS, Luke AFB,

Syark Air Forces (SAF) - 1/72 Witty Wings USAF F15E Strike Eagle 58th TFTW, 550th TFTS, Luke AFB

Hai guys, today I'm try my best to update my blog with new upcoming diecast aircraft. The new for today entry is F15E Strike Eagle from 58th TFTW under 550th TFTS that has been stationed at LUKE Air Force Base in Arizona.

Just Enjoy The Show :D

Monday, March 14, 2016

Malaysia Keel Laying New Littoral Combat Ship

LCS Keel Laying in TLDM Lumut Base 8 March 2016

During my packed time table in february and early march has limited myself to share and post some entry in my blog. So today with limited time that I have, I like to share the history of malaysia shipyard about the ceremony of keel laying of our TLDM first Littoral Combat Ship in Lumut Base that has been constructed by Boustead. 

Laying the keel, or laying down is the formal recognition of the start of a ship's construction. It is often marked with a ceremony attended by dignitaries from the shipbuilding company and the ultimate owners of the ship.

Keel laying is one of the four specially-celebrated events in the life of a ship; the others are launching, commissioning, and decommissioning.

In earlier times, the event recognized as the keel laying was the initial placement of the central timber making up the backbone of a vessel, called the keel. As steel ships replaced wooden ones, the central timber gave way to a central steel beam. Modern ships are now largely built in a series of pre-fabricated, complete hull sections rather than being built around a single keel. The event recognized as the keel laying is the first joining of modular components, or the lowering of the first module into place in the building dock. It is now often called "keel authentication", and is the ceremonial beginning of the ship's life, although modules may have been started months before that stage of construction.

The ceremony has been presented by Malaysia Defence Minister Dato Seri Hishammudin Hussein and become the evidence that the project SGPV still on track and been scheduled to deliver in year 2019 for the first ship LCS to been operated until 2023 for the 6th LCS. As we know, The Malaysia LCS has been designated from Gowind class and will be equipped with the new NSM anti ship missile from Norway. 

credit : Naza Dremel