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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Syark Air Force (SAF) - 1/48 MiniHobby Russian Air Forces Sukhoi SU30MK

1/48 MiniHobby Russian Air Forces Sukhoi SU30MK

The new model 1/48 scaled for this year 2013 is Minihobby Brand SU30Mk Russian Air Force from new modeler in Terengganu. This scaled model are available in his FB and he wanted to sell and I don't wasted my time and grab as soon as possible before someone grab it from me LOL. hahahaha. 

The Su-30MK aeroplane has been designed on the platform of the Su-27UB. it is in series production in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and in Irkutsk.The Su-30MK is a two-seat highly-manoeuvrable fighter designed for air-superiority and strikes at ground and naval surface targets using a variety of guided and unguided ADO, with an option of supporting group actions.

The Sukhoi Su-30M is a multirole two-seater fighter, broadly comparable to the American F-15E. The Su-30MK is the export version of the aircraft. The fighter is a development of the Su-27 (Flanker) family, designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of Moscow, and is manufactured by the Irkut Corporation. The aircraft is equipped with similar avionics and thrust vectoring as the Su-37, for superior combat agility and manoeuvrability. The aircraft is armed with precision anti-surface missiles and has a stand-off launch range of 120km.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - 1/35 Tamiya Nazi Germany Tiger Tank 1 Late Version

1/35 Tamiya Nazi Germany Tiger Tank 1 Late Version

Another same Tiger Tank that I have from sandakan Hobby. I don't know why I collect another tiger in my collection but the truth, I like this Nazi War Machine hahahaha

Monday, July 22, 2013

Syark Defence Forces (SDF) - 1/35 Dragoon IDF M50 Super Sherman

1/35 Dragoon IDF M50 Super Sherman

The Sherman M-50 and the Sherman M-51, both known abroad as the Super Sherman, were modified versions of the American M4 Sherman tank that served with the Israel Defense Forces from the mid-1950s to early 1980s. The M-51 was also referred to as the Isherman (i.e. Israeli Sherman). However, the designations Super Sherman and Isherman were never used by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Both the M-50 and M-51 saw combat in the Six-Day War that left the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Sinai peninsula in Israeli hands, often fighting Soviet World War II-era armor like the T-34-85 (for example at the Battle of Abu-Ageila). Both were also employed in the 1973 Yom Kippur War alongside and against much more modern tanks. The use of such seemingly obsolete tanks was necessary given the desperate nature of the fighting.

In combat against the Arab armies, the M-51 proved itself capable of fighting newer, heavier tanks like the Soviet-built T-54/55/T-62. The M-51's 105 mm gun could penetrate these adversaries using HEAT ammunition. The M-51 served well during its time, and is regarded as an excellent example of how an obsolete tank (the Sherman) can be upgraded beyond the limits of its original capabilities.

M-50 Continentals were retired by 1972. The M-50 Cummins and M-51 were gradually phased out in late 1970s - early 1980s. During the Lebanese Civil War, a total of 75 M-50s were given to the Israeli-supported Christian militias – Kataeb Regulatory Forces (19), Tigers Militia (20), Guardians of the Cedars (1), the Lebanese Forces (40), and the South Lebanon Army (35) – in 1976; two tanks were later captured by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which they employed in the defense of West Beirut during the June 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Many tanks were also sold to Chile, and some of those were fitted with 60 mm HVMS gun and are often referred to as M-60. This variant was never used by the IDF. The few M-51s that Israel retained were converted into engineer vehicles and self-propelled artillery.

Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - 1/35 Tamiya Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Merkava Mk.1 MBT

1/35 Tamiya Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Merkava Mk.1 MBT

This year 2013, I'm started new mission to start collected Israel Ground War Machine. This Mark 1 Merkava MBT has been build by Mr lee Wui Chong. Another great finished model after T90A MBT. I am still waiting second Merkava Mk.3 from him also hahahaha..Waiting waiting with patient hahahaha.

The first Merkava Mk. 1 tanks were supplied to the IDF in April 1979, nearly nine years after the decision to produce the Merkava Mk. 1 tank was taken. The Merkava Mk. 1 tank has been designed in accordance with experience gained from IDF armored battles in all Israel's wars since the Sinai Campaign (1956). The Merkava Mk. 1 is unique in its basic concept, common to all generations of the Merkava Mk. 1, according to which armor and survivability of the tank are its basic features. The tank's protection is based on all-round spaced ballistic armor, and deployment of the tank systems around the crew, thus utilizing basic elements and systems of the tank to protect the crew and ammunition, in addition to their specific functions. The most striking example of this concept is placement of the power pack (engine and transmission) at the front of the tank.

The Merkava Mk. 1 tank participated with a high degree of success in Lebanon War (1982) when the war started Israel had 200-300 Merkava Mk. 1 tanks. The Merkava Mk. 1 proved superior to the Syrian T-72 MBT (then the Soviet's newest tank). Production of Merkava Mk. 1 continued up to 1983

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - 1/35 Zveda Russian Army T90 MBT

1/35 Zveda Russian Army T90 MBT

The latest Eastern MBT in my collections. My mission to collect Eastern and Soviet MBT still on progress and T90 is the ultimate modern MBT collection that I have through my career as collector. Thanks to my buddy Mr lee Wui Chong from Sandakan Hobby Sabah due to his excellence works to finish up this model to me.

The T-90 main battle tank is a further development of the T-72. It was accepted to service with Russian army in 1993 and it's low-rate production commenced in 1994. Currently Russian Army operates about 700 of these MBTs. Other sources claim, that there are about 1 000 T-90 main battle tanks of all variants in service. It is the most modern tank currently in service with the Russian Army, which has a requirement for about 1 500 of these tanks. Also it is the only mass-produced MBT in Russia. The T-90 is considered to be among the 10 best main battle tanks in the world. Currently it is the most commercially successful main battle tank on the global market. Export operators are Algeria (305), Azerbaijan (114), Turkmenistan (40) and Venezuela (50~100). The largest export operator is India which obtained 620 tanks in knock-down kits for local assembly and plans to produce 1 000 tanks locally.

The T-90 main battle tank is a armed with a fully-stabilized 2A46M 125-mm smoothbore gun. This gun is also used to launch 9K119 Refleks (NATO designation AT-11 Sniper-B) anti-tank guided missies, in the same manner, as ordinary munitions. The AT-11 missile has a range of 4 -5 km and can also engage low-flying helicopters. Main gun of the T-90 is completed with a carousel-type autoloader. 22 rounds are carried in the autoloader. However it's spare ammunition is stored in the main compartment, rather than a separate compartment with a blow-out panels. This drawback was common to all Cold War era Soviet main battle tanks. Effective range of fire with APFSDS round is 2 000 - 3 000 m day and 2 000 - 2 600 at night. Armor penetration is about 590 - 630 mm at 2 000 m range.

Ukraine T80UD MBT and Russian T90A MBT used same chasis of T72 MBT. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - 1/35 ITALERI US ARMY M923 A1 BigFoot

1/35 ITALERI US ARMY M923 A1 BigFoot

The M939 series 5-ton 6x6 truck is a family of United States military logistical transportation trucks which was designed in the late 1980s and has been in service ever since. About 32,000 M939 series trucks are in service. The M939 series is an improved version of the older M809 Truck series of trucks.

All models of the M939 share a common basic chassis, cab, and hood/fenders. The basic truck is a 6x6 (three axles, six sets of tires, all six powered) medium truck. Early M939s were rebuilds of M809 vehicle chassis by AM General, with a new automatic transmission, cab, and hood/fender. Suffix –A2 are new production by Bowen-McLaughlin-York with later model Cummins engine. The vehicles have a wide variety of configurations and weights.

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - 1/35 Academy US Army M998 Humvee IED Gun Truck

1/35 Academy US Army M998 Humvee IED Gun Truck

The scaled model of new Humvee already in my inventory from my closed friend in Sandakan Mr Lee Wui Chong. New variant Humvee that I collected is M998 Humvee with IED protection. This Humvee has been upgraded during 2003 due to IED threat in Iraqi and Afganistan to protect US military personal during the patrol or operation in battle site. M998 is equipped with 40mm AGL to give more fire power and support to all personal during combat fight.

Syark Defence Force (SDF) - 1/35 Tamiya Iraqi Army T55 Enigma

1/35 Tamiya Iraqi Army T55 Enigma

The unique one of T55 from Iraqi Army during Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom Operation with code name T55 Enigma. This MBT is specialized for to Iraqi Tank Comander to lead other Iraqi Tank to battle site. T55 Enigma is unique due to it extension of it's armor in front of turret. 

During the initial gulf war (1991) Iraq modified a number of T-55, Type 59, and Type 69 tanks with appliqué armour on the turrets and hulls composed of several layers of spaced armour plates enclosed in steel boxes and were used by Iraqi Brigade commanders. It is not known how many were produced but a few were encountered by the Saudi and US Army and Marine units in the Battle of Khafji in Kuwait in January 1991.

Several “Enigmas” were destroyed with the coalition air power reducing much of Saddam Hussein’s prized armour to rusting hulks and one mostly intact captured tank eventually ending up at the Bovington Tank Museum in the UK where it currently resides and has been used for research.